Sirup Jahe 3 Teko
  • Sirup Jahe 3 Teko

Sirup Jahe 3 Teko

Ginger syrup, a typical Yogyakarta drink made from selected ginger and spices. 100% real sugar, without preservatives and dyes. Shelflife of 3 months at room temperature. Can be served hot or with ice

Product Details:
275 ml net content (per bottle)
total weight 805 ml

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Wedang Jahe 3 Teko syrup, an original Jogja drink without preservatives.

- Ginger Emprit
- Lemongrass
- Sugar
- Palm sugar
- Salt

Serving method :
- Shake the syrup bottle so that the ginger extract is well mixed with the sugar.
- Pour about 35 ml or according to taste into a glass
- Add 200mL of warm water or ice water for ginger tea or add other drinks such as tea, coffee, milk etc.

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