Gudeg Bagong Telur Ayam Suwir
  • Gudeg Bagong Telur Ayam Suwir
  • Gudeg Bagong Telur Ayam Suwir

Gudeg Bagong Telur & Ayam Suwir 300 gram

Gudeg variants of egg and chicken

Weight 300gram

More than just taste, more than just delicious, more than just delicious. If you have a lot of variants, you won't get bored eating warm 3 times a day. Now 8 variants of Gudeg Bagong are fully ready again

exp date Nov 2021

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GUDEG BAGONG uses the original recipe passed down from generation to generation from Yu Djum, the founder of the legendary gudeg typical of Yogyakarta, always blended using high quality ingredients obtained directly from selected farmers from all over Yogyakarta. 

Cooked in a traditional kitchen in a special Yu Djum style, then canned with the latest food technology and strict laboratory controls to maintain the quality, aroma, color, texture and distinctive taste of the generations. With Gudeg Bagong, you will always be able to enjoy the uniqueness of the taste of Yogyakarta whenever and wherever you, your family, colleagues or friends are.

Available in various variants: 
Gudeg Bagong Wing Tofu 
Gudeg Bagong Ati Ampela Tofu 
Gudeg Bagong Claws Chicken Tofu
Gudeg Bagong Wings Chicken Tofu 
Gudeg Bagong Tofu Eggs Sambel Krecek

Servings for 3-4 people 
Lasts 1 year from packaging date 
1 kg fits 3 cans of Gudeg Bagong

Gudeg bu Bagong Yu Djum is now present in canned packaging more practical and durable. Besides practical gudeg cans are guaranteed delicious, savory and high-tasting.

In addition to guaranteeing quality of taste, this canned gudeg has been halal certificate from the indonesian ulama council. 
It 's not a question of content, because the canned gudeg content is the same as the gudeg that was sold in the stall and the restaurant.

Gudeg can composition: Young jackfruit, duck eggs, village chicken, water, cream, tholo nuts, onions, garlic, candies, curly red chilies, coconut, lentils, salt, cereal, coriander, red sugar, orange leaves and salamander leaves.

Gudeg can superiority: 
1. Practical and ready to be enjoyed anytime 
2. It can be eaten or heated for 5 minutes 
3. The same taste as gudeg usually 
4. Without msg and preservatives 
5. Long-lasting, can be up to 1 year old 
6. It 's very suitable for daily meals, souvenirs and side dishes



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